Something Synoptic

Too many great stories languish uncontinued in the Ficlets and Ficly archives. Let’s change that.

You may have noticed I’ve written synopses of several of my old Ficlets storylines lately.

For this challenge, you do the same! Go back to the Ficlets archive (preferred), or the early days of Ficly. Pick a long story you like, comprised of at least several ficlets—could be by you, could be by someone else—and post a synopsis of it following the form of my own Ficlets Synopses: begin the title with Ficlets Synopsis: (or Ficly Synopsis if you’re doing a story entirely from Ficly) and before the text of the synopsis, put the starting URL of the ficlets chain(s). If it’s on Ficly, include the URL of the last link in the chain as well, so people will know where to pick up sequeling.

If the story is just too long for a synopsis to fit in 1024 bytes, put the rest in a sequel to it. But don’t use more than two ficlets for the synopsis. (Of course, if you want to start writing sequels after that, feel free!)

Challenge Entries