To Combat Cook!e..

So…I have returned to this most beloved of all sites I have visited to discover we are in the middle of a certain conflict and there is a certain challenge occupying the top spot =[.

I am sure most of us agree that we’d rather it wasn’t.

I propose that through this challenge, we remind ourselves of just why we adore ficly so much.

I also propose that you do it in 20 words or less just to highlight why there is a character limit.

There’s far too much hate and anger in this world for it to spread onto such a friendly site as ficly. And none of us want it to go on really.

So there you are…write from your heart. Fight those negative vibes with some lovely language =D. What you love about Ficly please; 20 words or less.

As for me: I love Ficly for it’s fantastically fun fabulousness, wonderful community and huge selection of talent. Ficly; a place for everyone.


Challenge Winner

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