You Have Exactly 5 Days (and some change) REPOST CHALLENGE

I’ve been reminiscing lately. It’s that time of year to reflect, after all. It feels right to initiate a repost extravaganza. Sorry, I got carried away. Extravaganza is pushing it. BUT (pointer finger raised) I want you to repost something you’ve written on Ficly. Something that was brilliant if only in your eyes. Something that you can’t believe was missed! That you can’t even minutely conceive of how it could be cast aside so swiftly and drastically overlooked! I mean, it was freaking, untweakably, incredibly off the charts, right? Even those without a self centered, egomaniacal plan to take over the world have been there— hurt by the lack of response they were UNhanded, practically backhanded by the community we love. There’s something we’ve all written on here that has vacant views and blank comment sections that deserves another chance. I herby grant the opportunity for this ghost of a ficly of yours to flourish!

Challenge Parameters: Find it and repost it here.

May the best ficly win!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries