Sequel This!

Two part challenge, cause I don’t do simple.

First, you enter this challenge and write the best little ficly you can. The goal is to write something so seething with potential awesomeness that someone else will just be bound by fate, moral imperative, and dictates of conscious to put on a sequel or prequel. You have to write outside your writing, create a universe in which your story sits that simply begs to be completed.

Second, you need a sequel (or prequel), and it can’t be by you. I don’t care how it happens: beg, borrow, trade favors, make promises, or simply pray to the gods of ficlydom that someone spontaneously writes a sequel.

Entries will judged not just on the entry but on the sequel, both its presence and quality. Yes, I know it’s not entirely fair. Yes, it’s asking a lot.

That’s why it’s called a “challenge”.

Happy ficlying, and Merry Monthquel!

[Winners will be mentioned in the end of the month blog post.]

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries