Crazy Connections!

Do you see that link down at the bottom of the page, you know, the one that reads “Random Story”?

Click It.

No I am serious, click it.

That is step one of the Crazy Connections! Challenge.

Step two is to click it again. That’s right, two random stories. Now you have all the pieces to your puzzle. Your goal is to connect two random stories in a way that works. It can be funny, or serious, but it has to work.

Sequel the story that acts as your connections prequel and add the link to the second story in a comment.

Entries will be judged on the creativeness of the connection.

Now, you could obviously click random several times until you get two good stories, but that’s cheating. Not that anyone will know, so this is all “on your honor”. If the stories you get are already connected feel free to hit that random link one more time.

Have fun!

Here is the link in case you have trouble:

Challenge Entries