The Bad Guy

He’s the texture in the cloth, the fly in the ointment and the reason for the hero’s existence. He is the bad guy, the villian, the antagonist and he is the catalyst for conflict that makes the story interesting.

Who is he, this black hat villain? What does he look like? What makes him tick? What is his game? How did he get this way?

This challenge is pretty simple – introduce the heavy. Take an entire ficly to describe the “Snidley Whiplash” to your “Dudly Doright.” Make him (or her) believable, menacing, bumbling, competent, dangerous or dastardly or just about anything else villainous as he would be introduced in the context of a larger story, but with virtually no reference to the hero.

This is the bad guy’s moment in the sun, his time to shine. He doesn’t have to do the crime because in your description, he is the crime just waiting to happen.

Shoot from the hip with this challenge because it is short in duration – just six days to create a masterful dark character.

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