Still Life Writing 3: Revenge of the Verbs

HS is back with a vengeance and is bringing you the latest in descriptive challenges. Rules much the same as the first two, for those who missed them, the idea is to describe a snapshot. A picture is worth a thousand characters. You’re not allowed any active verbs. Which confuses everyone because I called this ‘Revenge of the Verbs’.

There is a very good explanation. The beauty of what some people can do is imply action without action. I give no hints, but give it a crack. You don’t have to have a go, but if you can squeeze in some implied motion, I’ll be dealing out bonus points. I hope people give it a crack, because people have always come through for these challenges before, and some people have successfully implied motion.

Happy ficlying, bless your brain. If you sneezed while reading this, bless you.

HS out.

Challenge Entries