Don't make it weird, Bro.

The stars are going out one by one. The cosmos are alight with the brilliant deaths of a trillion galaxies, but darkness creeps ever closer. The world trembles in fearful anticipation of the final, deciding conflict.

The last of the Archangels stand atop an obsidian spire, swords drawn and ready for battle.

One of them farts loudly.

I challenge you to write a story in which a very intense and important scene is made awkward. Don’t let the above sample fool you— it doesn’t have to be about something epic like the final battle. It can be pretty much anything, so long as it’s serious and important, and then, at the end, incredibly uncomfortable for everyone.

For example, a vet informs a family that their dog is dead. The son has a noticeable erection.


Go! Create!

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