The Great Stamp Challenge

Sources of inspiration for writers are as many and varied as stars or stamps.

With that statement in mind, Write a ficly based on an image found on a stamp. Foreign or domestic, it matters not. Strictly, whatever moves you in whatever direction you choose.

Find images of zeppelins, trains, planes, ships, both of war and of peace, bicycles, presidents kings, artists, or even Bart Simpson on stamps! If it appears on a stamp you may write about it.

If you have a story, but no stamp, simply find a stamp to relate to your story.

Stamps may be googled by country, or by topic or by general location – in the IMAGE search of Google. is one stamp resulting from search.

When you post your story, post the URL of your stamp in the comment section so that all may see from which stamp your story derived.

I know people say I make hard challenges but “easy” does not make you grow.

Good luck

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