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The Earl of Caledon entered the ballroom, an array of opulent grandeur displayed before his unimpressed eyes. All these other nobles were nothing more than show. As he was announced, most of the attention quieted and transferred to his general direction, which he received with a customary bow, as slight and velsaprious as his demeanor could imply.
We’ve all seen it. While typing, a misspelled word has three options: Ignore, Ignore All, and Add to Dictionary.

So what would you do if you could make up a word to add to the dictionary? Write a story that incorporates a non-existent word of your own creation. To avoid making this too easy, nouns are barred from use, as are any forms of argot or slang. For clarity, please italicize the newly-created word within the story.

Judging will be based on word creativity, how seamlessly the word is integrated, and how understandable it is – without definition – as well as overall story imagination.

Have fun expanding your vocabulary!

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