The Other Half

Hey ficliteers: I have a challenge for you!
While reading through our recent collective works, I have found a mysterious lacking in love stories. So to fill this gap, here is a challenge: write about your perfect other half, whether they are real or imaginary. Cliches will be frowned upon, because I want this challenge to be personal to you, and not everyone has the same…interests.
Here are some questions to get you started:
Where did you meet? What is the most important thing about them?
Why are they the one you would love?
This challenge is designed to make you broaden your horizons- scifi and drama are beautiful when properly executed, but romance and baring your heart to the ficly world is a whole different kind of beauty. Try your hand- see what you come up with.
So go ahead, ficliteers-impress me as you usually do.

Challenge Entries