Red Yolk

This title, I’m afraid, is the sadly disappointing result of an attempt to combine red nose day with the popular idiom: ‘egg on your face’.

Red nose day is of course the best day of comedy over here in the jolly kingdom of England and the various other kingdoms that amalgamate into the great Great Britain, and the idiom is commonly used when a person has just performed a comical and/or embarassing blunder worthy of slapstick comedy. You see where this is going?

That’s right! Or wrong, depending on what it was that you undoubtedly screamed at your computer screen. This challenge is to write the funniest hilariousest quorgirianest piece of microfiction this world has EVER KNOWN!!! No, quorgarianest is not a real word. Nor is hilariousest, but who’s counting? You can write whatever style of humour you want, and the rules are as follows:

Well, I think that’s quite enough of rules. As dictated by 52 rolls of a 77 sided dice, the deadline will be April 8th. Happy ficling!

HS out!

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