Say it without saying it.

Can you say it, without saying it?
Can you write a story with a hidden meaning?
A story, let’s say, about a cat- but make me believe it’s a burglar?
Maybe the cat is a cat burglar, maybe its not – don’t tell me.
Say something, while saying something else.
Make me think you’re telling me something you’re not.

Check out my story “Crenshaw’s Melons” for an example of what I mean.
Is it just a simple story of a hungry man longing for some delicious fruit?
That’s up to you.
I’m not saying.
You shouldn’t say it either!

Write a story about something other than what you’re writing about.
The winner will be the one that can make me think of something I ought not.

I don’t want to read gross or perverted stuff, thank you very much – so follow the Ficly rules. It doesn’t have to be “mature” to get my attention, just good.

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  • Fodder

    Author: Sir Bic

    Published March 23rd, 2011

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