Emergency - Heroes At Work

Firefighters, police persons and EMT’s – heroes all. Their stories unfold every day in a hundred thousand ways from the mundane to the hair raising. They live and sometimes die in service to their communities.

Your challenge is twofold:

(1) Create a compelling narrative chronicling the actions of a public service person, police, fire, or other.

(2) Base it on an actual incident that happens or has happened within the months of March, or April, 2011.

Googling keywords and then applying those keywords to Google News allows you to see what has happened related to that keyword within the news.

Change the name to fictionalize the incident if you wish, but in a comment after the ficly is complete, cite the source of inspiration for your story.

Comments are encouraged, as is ingenuity and skill.

I have added extra time to allow/encourage more and varied entries.

Good luck.

Challenge Entries