Fall of a Tyrant

Now, I’m not one to have two active challenges at a time, but Bin Laden’s been dead a few days now and there seems to be no recognition from the ficly community.

Your challenge is to describe the moment of absolute victory. It could be that the victory is stolen at the last moment, as with the whole ‘Al Qaeda’s retaliation’ argument, or maybe you want to portray a situation that could have been reached years sooner if the people in charge had just paid attention to the ‘His Story IV’ episode of Scrubs. You know the government’s done something wrong when the psycopathic janitor of a hospital sitcom finds the most wanted terrorist in the world before them.

So, in essence, your brief is to write a story about that moment when it at least seems like you have attained absolute victory. A day for feasting and tossing aside our ‘37 years sober’ chips. The rest is up to you. Any aspect. Dealer’s choice. Write. Impress me. Don’t use this many short sentences. It’s stupid. Have fun.

HS out.

Challenge Entries