What a Character!

Invent your own character!

Conjure him or her from the recesses of your mind. Imbue him with charisma, or make his wiles poisonous. Make him bleed pathos, make her alluring. Got personality quirks? Share ’em, and deep dark secrets are welcome as well.

A bit of prose, or a dossier? Just a list will do? Maybe a poetic ode? It doesn’t matter how you exhibit your character, only that you do not introduce a plot. Give the personality an injection of interesting! Give him a macabre hobby or a whimsical job. Make the character a treat to read about!

Judging will be based upon these criteria and your ability to create the most outrageous character. I will be throwing in a couple of examples just for the fun of it.

First things first! Before you begin… give your character a name.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries