World Building Project: Steampunk Fantasy, from Robert Quick


Much like zxvasdf’s “un-challenge” this is not a challenge in the traditional sense. Instead this is an opportunity to work together with our fellow filcyteers to build a world and to populate it with people and stories. We are creating a shared universe where all of our characters exist and can cameo in other stories, partner up, or act as foils. For ideas check out the Thieves’ World and Wild Cards anthologies that do the same thing.

1. Any character can be used in any story
2. You may not kill off or permanently change another person’s characters without their permission (at the very least it’s impolite)
3. It is okay to alter perceptions of people and the world (since none of us see the exact same) but try not to completely alter the rules of the world. In other words: Be consistant! If we decide there are no gods, dragons, magic, aliens, psychics, lazers, resurrections, etc., then please don’t add them.

Please post characters, ideas, and discussions in the comment section.

Challenge Entries