BlogFest Egomaniacal Banner Waving

This challenge is two-fold (And I admit, a bit self-serving for the ficly community).

Firstly, write a blog entry on your personal blog space about your love of ficly.
THEN, write a ficly about you blogging, or someone stumbling upon your blog, or whatever your creative minds come up with that includes a link to your stories on ficly itself. DO NOT BE SPAMMY! We get enough of that..

The goal is not only to get traffic on your site, but to get traffic from your site, back here. With the comment challenge, people are more active, so let’s keep the momentum going!

That said, winner of most creative blend of ‘ficly about a blog about ficly’ will get special recognition on the ficly blog itself!

How’s that appeal to your egomaniacal sides?

Challenge Entries