Diabolically Villainous Challenge

I’ve posed this challenge on ficlets and Protagonize, and I want to see what you all here on ficly can do with this.

I’ve seen some great character development in my reading career, especially here, and I want to take advantage of that. Your Challenge: give me a villain of some sort. (S)He/it can be realistic, outlandish, from mischivous to downright twisted; use dialogue, visual description, whatever gets the job done. But when that job’s done, I want to love to hate this person’s guts. Think Edmund from King Lear, Javert of Les Miserables, or, a bit closer to home, Cole from THX’s old Pretty Things series on ficlets(

One Condition: I’m alright with entries tagged as “mature” for scenes of a gory, graphic nature, but please, try extremely hard to stay away from more, intimate scenes, if you get my drift. If it’s absolutely ineveitable, leave a comment on the challenge.
I’ve yet to be disappointed by this challenge. Let the villany fly!

Challenge Entries