The Payoff

If you live in the U.S., you’ve heard it before, “Americans are obsessed with breasts.” I can’t speak to how our fascinations relate to others because I’ve only ever grown up in the U.S. but I will gladly admit that yes, breasts are one of my favorite parts of a woman.

I can’t see any reason why I should be ashamed of that. Particularly right now, with this lovely blonde college girl who trusts me enough to be sexually submissive to me, loves to be in bondage, and the big payoff for the Media Boob Bombardment I endured in my youth, has the most erogenously sensitive nipples and breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure to pleasure.

Pleasure. That’s the immediate goal, with her tied up on a chair next to my bed. We’ll have plenty. How to start? Feather, felt, leather belt? Kisses n pinches? She’s got to earn the vibrating clamps and she knows it. She’ll earn them, she always does.

What’s the payoff for giving her what she wants (a real chore, right)? I get to do whatever I want! Yay, obsession!

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