The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 20

“Congratulations on defeating your shadow, Musashi-san,” said Lincoln, bowing.

“And congratulations to you on defeating Archimedes’ terrifying death machine, Mr. President,” replied Musashi, returning Lincoln’s bow.

Suddenly there was a great noise like rushing water and all of space-time seemed to revolve in a giant whirlpool. A man with a large forehead, black mustache, and black coat stood before them.

“Time/Space Poe!” exclaimed Lincoln.

“It is time I joined your motley collective,” said Poe. “But first, you must defeat me in single combat!”

“I accept your challenge!” said Lincoln, and he and Poe were transported to a dark room with a hole in the floor and a blade swinging from the ceiling. Time/Space Poe pulled out his weapon: two black birds attached to each other with a short length of chain.

“Do you like my raven-chucks? Baron von Munchausen made them for me,” said Poe. “Know this, Space/Time Lincoln: I will be your greatest challenge, for I am your brother!”

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