You Don't Always Need Protection

“Dude, so what do I do..?”

He was sitting on the bench in the locker room, pulling on a plain black Converse, his mind pre-occupied with the job of thinking.

“What do you mean, what do you do? You take off your clothes and then-”

“NO! You know what I meant! She doesn’t want to! What do I do about that?”

“Oh,” his friend fell silent. "Well, why doesn’t she want to? Cuz, like, my girlfriend said she wanted to make sure she loved me first. Did you tell her you love her?”

He scoffed, saying, “Only every time I talk to her. No, she says she wants to wait until marriage.”

His friend fell silent, thinking.

“Well, once I get her to agree, then what? Don’t I need protection?”

“Dude! Course you do! Unless you wanna be a dad already!”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any extras, would you?”

“Dude, just go buy a couple”

“Uh, my mom’s a pharmacist…”

“Oh, right. Well… I don’t have any on me… Well, I guess you don’t always need protection."

He sighed, slipping on his second Converse. “Well, here we go!”

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