An Organized Mind

My memories were a bit blurry when I woke up, but not so blurry I couldn’t remember the broad, uh, strokes. As I drew water and shaved, I turned my attention inward, to where Jackie was sleeping on the couch. She looked happy.

I was glad of that—and that she was sleeping. Geas or not, I was going to have to go to school today. What if she decided to get…affectionate?

But fortunately, nothing like that happened. I sat through class after class, took my random scribbles of notes…then on the way home I noticed I was actually thinking about the lessons, and remembering what they had been about, better than I had before.

When I got home, I looked inward again. The attic was…tidy. Everything was sorted and organized. There was a ladder down, too; I took it and found myself in a house that I was sure hadn’t been there before.

And there a big room full of bookshelves, with Jackie shelving…wearing glasses and a dowdy “librarian” dress. “Oh, hi! Hope you don’t mind—I’ve just been organizing your thoughts.”

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