Scooter Girl Scoots

“Anyway, I used your technical expertise to remove all records I made you,” Violet said. “You’ll also not have to worry about the memory dump—and for that matter I won’t either, now. So long as you don’t call attention to yourself you’ll be fine. Do, and both you and your ‘original’ are probably toast.”

“I just wanted to have you with me all the time,” cyber-Rae sniffled. “I knew you’d be better to talk to than the old-maid-bot they stuck me with. We could have so much fun together. I was going to remove the interlocks anyway once you were used to it…”

“Well, now both of you are getting that wish,” Vi said. “Gawd, Rae, you’re such a spoiled brat, with a sense of entitlement as big as…as big as an automech.”

“Sorry,” Rae mumbled.

“Yeah, you sure are,” Vi grumbled. “Now go drive yourself back to my house before someone misses you.”

Rae sighed. “All right. Take good care of…me.”

“As long as you do the same for me,” Vi replied.

Rae nodded, then transformed. Her motor kicked to life and she was gone.

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