Not Everyone Fits Stereotypes

A muscular yet slim man with a regular sized nose walked through the automatic doors into his local children’s hospital. In his pocket he carried a cloth wallet stuffed with money and a checkbook. He marched to front desk, where a Hispanic woman was typing at her out-dated computer.

“I would like to make a donation,” he declared to the receptionist.

“Your name, please?”

“Chayim Cohen,” he replied politely. Eying the receptionist, and noting her natural beauty, he added, “Would you by any chance be free for dinner tonight?” The Hispanic receptionist looked slightly embarrased.

“I would not,” she answered firmly, taken aback. Then she resumed, with more kindness, “My sister’s having an engagement party. Would you like to continue the procedure for donating?”

“Yes, of course,” he muttered, blushing a little himself. “Mazal tov, by the way…”

Across the lobby of the hospital, a famous blond actress visiting for publicity was in the middle of an interview with Reader’s Digest about current political issues.

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