Singing Nightmare

He could feel the cold sweat working its way down his spine like the martian leeches already latching onto his ribs, worming into his lungs, finding his heart. He felt the fear rise up inside him, the nightmare scream that would never pass his lips. He curled into a corner, rocking like a baby. The laughing would not stop. Louder, louder, closer… Something gripped his shoulders. Canine teeth found his neck.


He turned, acutely aware of the teeth sinking deeper into his neck. Blood dripped. Wallowing in painful ectasy, he gazed lovingly at his murderer. He felt the bile rise. The pressure on his neck increase. It forced the blood to bubble, hot and boiling like the seas on Kraan in sector 6. A lullaby played through his head. It was all part of the nightmare…all part of the dream.

Clawing digits joined the teeth. They ripped and severed strings and muscle. He lay back in pools of blood and vomit. An endless, soundless scream on his lips.

Some nightmares do not end…

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