A Minstrel's Ballad - Lord of the Rings - Rosie

October 18th 3018
We’re having fine weather. The frost hasn’t come yet which is a good piece of luck since half the Shire’s potatoes are still out. The Green Dragon’s wonderful and busy and I’m run of me feet with all the work. Still, the old gaffer’s still trying to drink off Sam’s disappearance. Vanished into nothing he has with that posh Mr Frodo. I’m looking after Sam’s winter pansies while he’s gone. Silly thing he didn’t even leave a note, he thinks I don’t see that he fancies me. I hope he’s not away long, for Gaffer Gamgee’s sake, it’s not the same without Samwise’s shy face about the place and the gardens aren’t looking too glad to see the back of him. I’m worried for him. He’s never been out of the Shire and he doesn’t know what’s lurking out there. That Frodo Baggins has done him no good and never will, mark my words. I must admit that I have feelings for little Samwise, I want to look after him and protect him. I will when he gets back and I’ll give that Frodo a piece of my mind,
Rosie Cotton.

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