Give blondes a chance!

A blonde woman stepped out of her little Ford Ka and walked across the road to the shop she worked in. She checked her appearance in the shining glass and flicked a strand of her highlighted hair out of her face. She didn’t wear makeup…she thought it looked silly.
“Morning, sweetheart.” Greg grinned as she opened the backdoor.
“Sweetheart has a name, you know.” She said curtly. “You’ve got your shirt on backwards, by the way.” She turned on her heel and walked behind the counter to serve her first customer. A tall brunette woman walked in and selected her purchases. She handed over her money and the blonde counted out the change. The brunette barely cast an eye over it,
“You haven’t given me enough,” she said slowly, as though talking to a child.
“£2.50.” the blonde replied, “I think you’re mistaken, ma’am.”
The brunette counted it again. This time more carefully.
“I do appologise,” she said, embarassed. “It was my mistake.”
The blonde sighed and ran a hand through her undyed hair. Another day!

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