Simon’s nerve was the first to break. Without a word, he broke into a run headed for the front door of the Armory. He waved his arms over his head frantically. A sniper shot shattered the tense moment and the asphalt a few feet to Simon’s left, but Simon didn’t stop. The follow-up volley was a shout, not a shot, “Hey! If you understand me, go around to the side entrance of the building!”

Simon stopped in his tracks this time. “Which side?” he yelled.

“Left side. My left side!” the sniper corrected, after Simon started running the wrong direction.

Vlad called from the edge of the forest, “We are coming too!” and turned to Jay and Beth. “I suggest we run too. I haven’t seen any shamblers running.” He grabbed them by their wrists and ran with them across the open ground, around the corner of the building to meet up with Simon.

Instead, they met up with 8 men and women of varying ages holding assault rifles pointed at Simon and them. One spoke up, “Nobody gets in without a full bite inspection.”

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