Those words...

We stand here. You and me, me and you. My fingers cradle yours. We are in a full room but to us, we are the only people in it. ‘This is it,’ I think, swallowing. I focuss on your sweet face, framed in white lace. Your dark eyes staring deep into mine and your sweet, red lips curled into a gentle smile. Finally, we seem to have reached the top of the mountain. I caress your fingers and your eyelashes flicker, you try not to laugh though playful joy darts across your beautiful visage. I want to hold you close to me.

Words dance around the white decked chapel. Then a silence embraces us. I cannot speak. For a moment I stand terrified and lonely. To me, your hands seem to flinch away for a second. Then they are repeated and I follow, in a daze. I cannot tear my eyes away from you as I slip the ring onto your smooth finger. I feel you do the same to me.

We watch each other, waiting for the final words to free us. I take both of your hands and lean close to you. You touch my waist, stroke my back.

We kiss.

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