Addicted to You

I look in the mirror every morning. I do not see me…I see you. In the bed behind me you rise from under the covers and catch me about the waist. I caress your cheek and kiss you, deeply. We tumble and laugh like we’re kids. But we don’t play kid’s games. And when I really can’t catch a later bus, I stand in the doorway for a minute. We watch each other. Neither of us wants to say goodbye. My heart aches just turning away from you for a second.

“I love you,” you say. I know your feelings won’t go away through the day. I just can’t leave you. Being away from you makes me feel sick, dizzy. Ha! Withdrawal symptoms from love! I think about you while I’m working and when I get home, I throw the door open and almost run through to the kitchen where you wait for me. I see it in your smile, your soft laughter as I drop everything and hold you closely. I need you. Each kiss you give me makes me long for more. I wish I could give you up, but I can’t. You’re so addictive, baby. And I love you.

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