Meant for one...

Midnight…and the game begins. We are pushed into the arena. Through the loudspeakers, a countdown begins. Hide and seek for madmen and we are the prey. We have to hide. And quickly. We have less than a minute. Not even friends yet, I catch your hand and we run. Cheering and booing echoes above the countdown. Sweat soaks my shirt and my legs even though the air is freezing. There is nowhere to hide. No place for us to go. We pant together as we kick up sand in our frantic search for a shelter. Round a corner of the spiral maze there is a chance. A single crevice made by an extra wall. I scramble up immediately and, about to drop, I see you. Eyes wide and pleading. I obseve the space below. Big enough only for one. I look back at you. I extend my hand. Together we fall into the tiny cranny. Your chin is pressed into my chest, my breath is hot on the top of your head. Our fear is one. You’re standing on my feet but I don’t care. Your arms tight around me, crushing me. But I don’t mind. Anything to save a life.

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