Reality of a Nerd School (The Chemistry Class)

Chemistry must be the most dangerous class at a nerd school. It has glass beakers, Bunsen burners, volatile chemicals that could eat through your flesh. It was no surprise that the first day was spent being briefed about how important it is to be cautious. We were showed the emergency gas shut off button, the eye rinse and the desks? The desks in the lab didn’t appear to be special at all they were just plain black tables with Bunsen burners set up on them. At one point she just excused herself from the room during the explanation she disappeared into the chemical storage room. The teacher returned carrying an Erlenmeyer flask full of alcohol.

She called for the class’s attention just as she poured the liquid all over the desk and lights it on fire with the lighter she had in her pocket. The reason she did this was to show every one that the desks were fireproof.

The thing that made it really priceless is the schools counselors face when she walked in and saw the yellow flame dancing upon the desk…

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