Last Gasp

Almost there, she thought as she dragged herself down the corridor. She could see the doorway ahead, and hear the sounds of the creatures behind her.

Zombies. Centuries of human exploration and expansion, and it all comes down to zombies.

The moaning was getting closer now. Probably following the sound of her useless leg scraping on the floor, or the blood trail from the bite out of it. She didn’t have long now, one way or the other.

I’ll be damned if I’ll let it end that way, she thought. With one last gargantuan effort, she forced herself the last few steps to the heavy doorway.

As she stepped inside the chamber, she could see the first of them rounding a corner. It locked it’s unblinking eyes on her and emitted a horrible gargling groan, before shambling towards her with new purpose.

The massive door shut before her. Then the outer door of the airlock opened, dragging her into space with a sudden rush of escaping air.

And as the air was dragged out of her lungs by the cloying vacuum, she smiled.

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