False Imprisonment

“Wait, what? But, if they got you, then they would have…” Josh was clearly a bit confused by that statement. After all, she was standing right in front of him.

“I got better. When they scan you for processing, they sequence your DNA and append it to the data. With the right equipment, they can clone you and put you back in the cloned body. In my case, they needed me, and needed me human, because I have some friends in high places.” she explained.

“Wait, you’re saying that they can put people back in their own bodies? Then why keep them locked up in the libraries? That’s false imprisonment.” he asked.

“Cloning is expensive, and even clones still aren’t identical to the original. All sorts of things set up how you look, not just genetics. Besides, if we just cloned everyone and set them loose, there are two problems. One, the Marauders would just snatch them again, and two, word would pretty quickly get out that there are giant robots out there kidnapping people. If that happened, it would cause a panic.”

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