A Stranger's Revenge

He throws her out the bay window, her body thudding to the ground. He turns to face the rest of the room.
“Anyone else care for a taste?” he snarls.
People begin to scatter, seeking whatever shelter they think will keep them from being ripped limb from limb.
He lumbers through the room, exacting his revenge on any who gets in his way.
In mere mintues, the room is blood-soaked, but devoid of all life. The monster that used to be Victor Vitrino, stumbles out the door, lurching to halt in the yard. The life has left his eyes once again.
He falls onto the grass, shivering. Staring at the sky, he whispers, “What have I done?” The air escapes his lungs for the second time and soon he is cold and stiff.
A darkly hooded stranger steps out from behind the bushes, rubbing her hands together with glee.
“That will teach them,” she mumbles.
She grabs the legs of the prostrate man in front of her and begins to drag him into the night.

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