A Most Usual Prince

Now one day, as the maiden was bathing in the fountain, a prince who was hunting in the woods stumbled across the glen and saw the maiden.

“What a beautiful woman!” he exclaimed. “I wish for her to be my bride!”

You don’t believe in love at first sight? Well, Romeo and Juliet met and married in 24 hours! Yes, I know Romeo and Juliet is a total cliche, but if Shakespeare could do it, so can I! Now…

The maiden saw the prince standing nearby and gasped. She gathered her clothes and ran into the woods. The fairies, who wished her no chagrin, distracted the prince so that the maiden could escape.

Seeing that the maiden would not be found, the prince said, “I will go back to the glen tomorrow and hide. Then, when the maiden appears, I will reveal myself and ask her for her hand!”

The prince rode quickly back to his castle, running his plan through his head all the while…

You want me to keep going? Well, that’s a first. But I’m afraid my story will have to wait. Until then, you will have to be patient.

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