laundry night

There were a lot of things she didn’t believe in. Life on Mars, for example. Romance. Expiration dates on canned goods. Apologies.

Order however, was something she believed in almost religiously. Junk drawers gave her nightmares. And those claw vending machines with the stuffed toys all mashed together. She got sick once watching her brother in-law mix his jam together with sour cream on toast.

She was watching Law and Order and matching her socks when the roof of her apartment fell in. She sat there a moment, waiting for someone to yell down, “Are you alright?” a pointless “Sorry!” or an explitive at the very least. Annoyed at hearing nothing, she resigned herself to missing the predicatable tv drama plot twist, got up and gingerly stepped around the rubble.

Looking up through the hole and and clouds of dust, she saw her neighbor was doing the same as she, as were those above him. A gust of wind cleared the air revealing the night sky. Loosing interest she looked down, saw the culprit and said, “Well.”

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