A Night On The Sofa

“Honey! We’re going to be late,” Brian called.
“I don’t think I can make it tonight,” Lilly said. She wiped her palms on her jeans and took a better grip on the controller. Brian appeared in the doorway. He was wearing a suit that made him look very distinguished but Lilly barely noticed.
“You’re not dressed yet!” Brian exclaimed. “You said you were dressed!”
“I lied. Listen honey, why don’t you go on without me? I’m kind of in the middle of a quest here. It could take a while. Dammit LucanKnight! I told you to watch out for that dragon! How many times do we need to do this before you remember!” Lilly yelled into her headset. “Now we have to loot your worthless hide and meet back at the tavern.”
Brian stared at his wife. Even in his old sweater and baggy jeans she was beautiful. But sometimes it was very hard to love her.
“All right honey,” he said. “I’ll see you later.”
“Brian wait!” Lilly called. “Would you get me a six pack of red bull from the fridge before you go? Love you.”

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