Evaporating Fumes

“Taxi, wait!” Brian ran down the front walk, shaking his head and wiping his hands on his suit jacket. His wife was always doing this at the last minute. One of these days she was going to wake up and realize she hadn’t left the house in a month. And for their kid’s parent conference? This was going a bit too far.

Brian handed the driver his fare as he climbed out of the taxi. “Thanks,” he muttered, already walking towards the door. What was she thinking? She wasn’t. That was the only explanation.

He was still fuming as he sat down at the table in his daughter’s classroom. “Sorry my wife wasn’t able to make it….” his voice faded as his eyes fell on the woman before him.

“Oh, I hope she isn’t ill?” Her lips were lush and red. Her hair fell down around her shoulders. She picked up a manila folder and opened it on the table. Her rich, hazel eyes lowered and rested on the notes before her.

“N—no, she’s quite alright. Just….just busy with…” he stuttered, amazed. All of his anger had evaporated.

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