Come as you were

The Misktonic University ‘Come as you were’ reincarnation-club dance had been going very well indeed. There were three Cleopatras present, but they had conferred in one of the girl’s bathrooms and come out and announced that they were different ages of the same woman. No-one had shown up as Jesus Christ, for the first year ever, so our wine and water were staying blessedly unintermingled. I’d turned Sherlock Holmes away at the door before anyone else had seen him, hissing “Fictional characters have to incarnate before they can reincarnate!” and was feeling smug.
Then Alasdair, who I’d dated briefly last year, turned up dressed as Nick Tweek at almost the same as Nick Tweek turned up dressed as Alasdair. As they looked at each other, surprise slowly turning to horror and then more slowly still to recognition, I had the deepest moment of existential angst I’d ever experienced. I’d cast the bones myself, I knew it was true. But how did one spirit reincarnate in two bodies simultaneously?

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