End of the Briefing

“The Influenza virus normally causes a respiratory infection,” Carter continued, “but this mutated virus is insidious; it attacks the cells DNA by causing the cells to go dormant. It then re-programs the cells to ignore any commands except the virus’ and destroyes all nerve endings, causing the host to become a mindless feeding machine. Zombies, if you will.”

“What plans do we have in place to combat this?” Lt Col Jessup’s said, fearing the answer.

“Quarantine. Your SpecOp boys are to stay put.” Gen Moore ordered.

“So we leave my men to die?”

“We are not to expend any more assets to assist them. Do I make myself clear, Colonel?”

“Yes, sir” Jessup saluted, and then marched out.

“That’s one fucked up order.” Finley said as he shut the briefing door behind them.

“You know what orders are, don’t you, Sergeant Major?” Jessup looked over as Finley nodded. “Good, then you’ll know when I’m breaking them. Get hold of the S-3, a Major Richards, and make sure that spectre gunship buys our guys some time.”

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