Ed, Edd, and Deady?

“He had Jawbreakers. Anyone in the cul-de-sac could have done it. Just because I happened to have befriended Eddy, does not mean I would have gone so low as to murder him for jawbreakers,” Double-D pleads. Sara, Ed’s little sister, moves the light to shine it in Ed’s eyes instead.

“What about you? Did you kill poor Eddy!” Sara shouts. Her mouth growing larger than life.

“Yeah!” Jimmy echoes in his low voice, trying to act tough.

“I like gravy… and butt-ER toast!” Ed says, stupidly. Kevin, the apparent cool guy, steps past Sara and gets into Double-D’s face.

“Listen, Dork! Eddy was a Dork King, but he hid a ton of jawbreakers before someone killed him with that secret! Now tell us why you killed him!”

“This is an outrage! I would never kill a fly!” Double-D argues, “Right, Ed!”

“Double D, where’s Eddy?” Ed says, still unaware of the situation. The entire cul-de-sac stares Double D down. He begins to sweat. Hard.

“I did it, okay! Muhahah!” he admits, “I KILLED him! Those jawbreakers are MINE!”

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