Not Another Mary Sue

I am far from being just another Mary Sue, the classic jumble of over done cliches hiding behind the perfect face. It’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of Mary Sue or her male counterpart Garry Stue, but I would bet my bottom dollar any day that you know one.

The term “Mary Sue/Garry Stue” is one assigned to a person, or character in a book or movie, whose personality is so riddled with cheesy characteristics that they are nothing more than a plastic figure pushed out of a mold. In my mind, I imagine a giant factory – Characters-R-Us, or something of the like – where two massive conveyor belts thunk along endlessly, carting waves upon waves of these dull critters, sent to plague the creative world.

Whether you have heard of them before or not, it is painfully easy to identify a Mary Sue or Garry Stue; they run rampant in stories written by 8 year olds just learning cursive, and sadly are growing in population across the universe by means of the Internet.

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