Pain, Trust, and the Final Decision.

Pain is unbearable. No one wishes to feel, and yet we do so anyway. Everyday. We either notice or don’t, but it’s always there.

I continued to sit on the bench that sat in a lone corner of the park. Seperating myself from what just seemed to be myself and society. It’s hard to admit it, especially to your parents and when that word ‘pain’ comes along with it. When it comes realization and the anxiousness of needing to tell someone, but can’t because the only ones you can tell can’t keep their mouth shut and another is an older sister that is bound to tell your parents. Yes, that wouldn’t be good thing.

In a way, I can’t really trust anyone. I can’t really trust anyone to keep the secret that I may be gay.

The sun’s rays shined brightly in my lonely corner. It was strange, in my moment of decision and soon to be pain either expressed or bottled up the sun still decided to shine down on me.

Maybe, it knew that my final decision, would be my best choice.

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