My Addiction.

I stare at you from far away, discretely may I add. If it weren’t the fact we were both the same gender I’d stare at you openly, not ashamed with the fact I found an attraction to you.

You don’t sit too far from me, but your desk is by the window compared to my desk that sits in row next to you, only a few behind. I change my gaze, to hide what my actions are. To hide what I’m craving for.

Through the window glass, rays of light land on your unending beauty. The silky look of your chocolate colored hair, the absolute creaminess of your skin. As I continue to scan, to stare, it becomes hard to concentrate in class.

When school is ending, your with your friends and I by myself. I notice your smiling face, your kind features and are reminded of how much I’m drawn to you.

At the end of the day, when I lay in bed, staring at the blank ceiling. I picture your face, and think of my longing.

The only I can do, for now, until you’re finally mine. Is wait and continue with my addiction… From afar.

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