The Happy Goat Bible: Genesis Part 2

Life on the farm was good for the animals. The farmer kept them fed, and the Happy Goat ruled fairly and justly.
There was only one rule: No one ate from the seeds of the willow tree.
The only problem with the farm was that it was boring for the Happy Goat, even though there were other animals, they were not quite the same as him.
He went to Go(at)d and asked him whether Go(at)d could make another like him.
The next morning, the Happy Goat awoke with a missing rib, and next to him lay the Goatess. She was a beautiful goat, the best ever made, and the Happy Goat coveted her.
They were in love.
One day, she complained to the Happy Goat that there was not enough fun on the farm. She decided that she would eat from the willow tree. The Happy Goat denied her the right, but she seemed fine with it. Little did the Happy Goat know, that she would soon betray him.

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