Young Love Part 2

Mia stood in line at starbucks, imaptiently, waiting to order a steaming caramel hot chocolate before she went to work.
“Excuse me?” The man said, tapping Mia on the shoulder
“Yes” she said, turning around to look at the man.
“Could I go in front of you? I really got to get to work” he asked
“I’m sorry, no”
“Why?” he asked
“Because I also have to wait in line to and I also have to get to work”
“I’m starting a new job today, I don’t want to make a bad impression”
“I’m sorry, but I’ve got to get to work to, I don’t want to get in trouble again” she muttered
The line moved at a faster pace.
“Great, now I’m late!” he said, cursing at his watch, as she picked up her drink and left.
She got to work late and was surprised to find that the man from starbucks was here.
“Pst, Ami, Who is that?” Mia whispered to her friend
“Ben Brookes, He’s the bosses new assistant” Ami whispered back
It hit her like a ton of bricks, her childhood love was here and he had stolen her promotion… this meant war!

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