The Boy who could see his emotions

Fear and I sat down at the lunch table together. I stared longingly at the girl sitting across the lunch room; similair to me, she was all alone.

I knew if I went over there I would most likely be instantly excepted. Because everyone wants friends ya’ know?

I made a move to get up but- A cold bone-like hand landed on my shoulder. It pushed me back down into my chair.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you James.” Fear said “I mean what if she just laughs at you. Your not smooth. And your not cool. Just finish your lunch and don’t make a fool of yourself.”

You may be wondering how fear could talk to me. But I really don’t know how, I just know what I have to deal with.

I stared over at the girl again. I blinked and suddenly two beautiful girls appeared sitting with me at the table. I was about to be surprised, but then I realized that they were Desire. Why Desire was Two sexy twin blondes? I will never know.

“Don’t listen to fear James!” they both chimed "You know you really, REALLY want to talk to her!’

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