Lust is Irresistible

“…and then he tripped and fell, it was hilarious,” Emily says, while I walk her to class after lunch. Confidence cheered me on the whole way, and beat up Fear for me. I laugh at Emily’s story and smile until she stops.

“This your stop?” I ask. She nods a bit shyly.

“Go ahead. Just kiss her right here, she’s pretty cute,” says a seducing voice. That’s when I see Lust, a lean attractive (I’m guessing that he’s supposed to be hot?) man, standing behind Emily, playing with her brown hair, “Hmm, this hair is so soft. Don’t you just wanna feel it while you kiss those soft glossy lips of her?”

“I’ll meet you here, l-later?” I say, trying my best to ignore Lust. Then, almost suddenly, Emily gives me a big hug. I hug her back, hard, and feel her warm body on me. Lust is laughing behind me.

“Just real quick. A peck, just to feel her soft lips,” Lust says. When she begins to pull back, thats when Lust begins to take over, and I pray for Self-Control to appear, but I kiss her before he gets a chance.

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